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STEM in the Kitchen: Improve Your Cooking with Science!

December (2017) 0

In the traditional sense, food science is associated with the study and enhancement of food for the sake of improved nutritional quality, increased quantity, extended preservation, and in general, commercial production. While food science itself […]

Here’s Why You Should Watch More Scifi Movies

Creative Arts
December (2017) 0

Scientists seemed like unstable crazy people when I was a kid. This belief was most likely because the only ones I saw were villains in animation, movies, and television shows- creating viruses or wild inventions […]

“Amazing” Grace

November (2017) 0

Your social media timelines may have been bombarded lately by the hashtag “GHC17”. This hash, used to tag all things associated with the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration. Organized by the nonprofit AnitaB.org and ACM (Association […]

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