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Do You Stand Up for Yourself?

January (2018) 0

2018: YEAR OF ASSERTION When you hear the phrase “stand up for”, the mind jumps to “defending one’s self”, usually in a dispute of some sort. But this year, I have begun standing up for […]

5 Surprising Ways Pop Culture Predicted New Technology

STEM Media
January (2018) 0

Pop culture  can both reflect trends in current society as well as influence new technologies through the popularization of futuristic ideas and concepts. Here are five technological advancements first depicted in movies, books, or TV: […]

Hidden Genius

January (2018) 0

“A small mind focuses on the problem; a big mind focuses on a solution to the problem; but a genius mind sees the opportunity that lies in the problem.” This quote, by Kwame Anku, Director […]

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