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Stay “In The Know” with CaT Bobino

April (2016) admin 0

CaTameron Bobino, an Oakland, CA native, has always had a love for science and animals.  During her senior year in High School, she took a Marine Biology class that changed her life and her view of marine […]

PBS Design Squad goes Global!

March (2016) admin 0

Last month PBS’s Emmy award-wining initiative has taken it to the next level – a global level. The website for kids, know as Design Squad is now Design Squad Global (DSG)! This project, which was […]

Black History x STEM: 7 Trailblazers We Admire

February (2016) admin 0

There are countless numbers of Black-Americans throughout history who have made great strides in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). This month we wish to highlight 7 that inspire us. 1. Lonnie Johnson […]

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