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The STEM that Grows the Leaf

March (2017) Tayler Furlow 0

What are our goals as educators? As mentors? As STEM enthusiasts? Are we taking the time to nurture the next generation of STEM as perhaps many of us wish we were nurtured? We know the […]

Intel’s Rock Star

January (2017) Tayler Furlow 0

The true genius of an advertisement is to become so commonplace that even people who do not use or know of your product know your brand. Intel has done something perhaps more ingenious. Like inventors […]

3-D Printed Concrete Castle

December (2016) Tayler Furlow 0

Imagine a future where affordable housing is just as simple as an architect designing a house and then printing it. While it may not be that simple in execution, it may be in concept with […]

Optical Illusions and Art

November (2016) Tayler Furlow 0

When thinking of artistic expression we have been conditioned to believe that it is completely separate from “left brain” engagement. As if the correct way to produce art is to utilize only a certain area […]

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