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STEMedia Interviews: Syronna Brown Part One

April (2017) admin 0

Syronna Brown grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, interested in fashion and style.  However, when it came to choosing a career, her mother suggested she pursue a career in engineering or law.  After learning more about […]

The Future of Sport is STEM [The NBA G-League]

February (2017) Michael Vance 0

The National Basketball Association Development League (NBA D-League) recently announced a multiyear partnership with Gatorade, creating a unique and groundbreaking partnership between the global leader in professional basketball and the iconic sports fuel company. As […]

Finding Purpose in “Busy Work”

November (2016) Mika West 0

Picture this: It’s 11AM. You’re sitting in an Intro to Art Appreciation course. Your professor is lecturing about the social effects of hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt. Twenty minutes later, you’re handed an exercise. “Use hieroglyphics […]

Can Computer’s Write Poetry?

October (2016) Mika 0

It all begs the philosophical question: Can computers think? These are both questions first posed by Alan Turing, a British computer scientist and creator of the Turing Test. The Turing Test is a measure of […]

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